Inspired by diversity, Julian Garofalo practices the art of storytelling through cinematography. His years of work have given him experience in an array of projects allowing him to understand how a picture can convey more meaning than words are able to, along with a growing love for the art of photography. Julian holds a degree in Graphic Design, which allows him to use the knowledge gained toward his visuals.

Julian is known for his cinematography work on the feature film “Expecting” along with the short films “End of the Night” “Lady” and “It’s Carla! Your  Agent”. Over the years, Julian has worked on numerous projects such as shooting the cover page for Glamorous Bride Magazine, various commercials and the opportunity to furnish office spaces with his photography prints. Julian has partnered with multiple agencies such as Genius Marketing, Jed lab, Dulcedo Model Management, and Marrone Films. These partnerships granted him the opportunity to work on various web promos for companies such as Gold’s Gym, Rush Couture, Techo-Bloc, and Dupray, featured on Costco.com  along with commercials for Caffe Cimo, Luhvee, Luxury Retreats and Airbnb which have allowed him to travel the world.

Creative and artistic, his excellent eye can be demonstrated through his work. Julian’s ability to be open-minded allows him to feed off of other ideas while having a solid direction in mind. He brings passion, perseverance, and energy to a production all while creating new bonds. A passionate filmmaker, Julian seeks challenges as a means of learning an alternative way in order to exceed and surpass new heights.

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